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Facebook has just announced a partnership with Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, and Qualcomm to launch, a project aimed at bringing affordable Internet access to the five billion people without it. The companies will work together on data-compression technologies and cheap, high quality smartphones to make the web cheaper.

While it might seem like the whole world is connected, just 1/3 of the globe’s population have Internet access, while adoption is only growing at 9%. aims to speed up that rate.

Zuckerberg writes “There are huge barriers in developing countries to connecting and joining the knowledge economy. brings together a global partnership that will work to overcome these challenges, including making internet access available to those who cannot currently afford it.”

The three major initiatives of the partnership are:

Making access affordable through cheaper smartphones and working with mobile operators to extend Internet access to underserved communities

Using data more efficiently so people don’t run up high costs. partners may look to build data compression tools, bolster network efficiency, and improve data caching

Helping businesses drive access to grow mobile businesses sustainably. Partners will aim to create mutually beneficial incentives for app developers, device OEMs, and operators that will get more people online and presumably paying for their services. The companies will also work together to help mobile devices support more languages to demolish barriers to usage.

More details to come

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