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After a strong Thanksgiving holiday push in e-commerce spending, Black Friday online sales are already up more than 7 percent in 2013 over the same period last year.

The data, from IBM's Benchmark real-time reporting unit, covers 800 online retailers and millions of transactions. As of noon ET today, the average order value was $142.33 That compares to the average order value of $127.59 from yesterday.

Mobile shopping continues to grow, as mobile traffic accounted for 37 percent of all online traffic, up 36 percent compared to the same period last year. Mobile sales remained strong, reaching 21.5 percent of all online sales. Smartphones drove 24.4 percent of all online traffic compared to tablets at 12 percent, When it comes to making the sale, tablets drove 13.2 percent of all online sales, more than one and a half times that of smartphones, which accounted for 8.2 percent. Tablet users also averaged $137.96 per order, versus smartphone users, who averaged $119.21 per order today.

By smartphone OS, iOS was almost four and a half times higher than Android, driving 17.5 percent vs. 4 percent for Android. On average, iOS users spent $131.52 per order compared to $113.13 for Android users. iOS also led as a component of overall traffic with 25.8 percent vs. 11 percent for Android.

In terms of social, shoppers referred from Facebook averaged $93.73 per order, versus Pinterest referrals, which drove $103.30 per order. However, Facebook referrals converted sales at a rate more than twice that of Pinterest referrals.

A 7 percent increase in sales is a modest jump, considering that U.S. e-commerce spending last year on Black Friday was $1.042 billion, an increase of 26 percent from 2012. Black Friday online sales actually surpassed $1 billion for the first time last year. But comScore is forecasting double-digit growth in both desktop e-commerce and m-commerce spending for the holiday season. It's still early in the day, however, and the West Coast is just waking up. We'll update this post with numbers through the day.

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